About Training

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About Training

Training for rowing is predominantly endurance (aerobic) based. This includes rowing for long durations (30 up to 120min) at a steady state (60-70% intensity). Strength, power, skill and flexibility are other key elements to rowing training; these are achieved by including cross training exercises such as weights, stretching, other forms of exercise as well practicing rowing technique.

A structured training program is crucial towards achieving your goals. The program should allow for a progression in training loads, include a variety of workouts (changing intensity and volume) as well as a cycle in training (mixing periods of rest with high intensity and volume workouts). Warming up, cooling down, stretching, heart rate training and monitoring progress are other fundamental aspects of a structured training program.

Training for rowing can be separated into the following topics:

1) Know the Goal
2) Warm Up & Cool Down
3) Stretching
4) The Workout
5) Heart Rate Training
6) Monitoring Progress (Lesson 3)

To be eligible for this course you must have passed test for module 1.

Module 2

This is the 2nd in a 4 parts series

This module covers topics like stretching and types of workouts.  Please feel free to go back and review before proceeding to the quiz.

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